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What they don’t teach you.

You think of learning abc of internet marketing. You want to
have a blog site of your own. Can you get it done enjoying
the fun of making it?

internet marketing blog

Or you have just now started your journey to learn internet
marketing from scratch. You have no idea of how to go about
it. You do not know where to start; whom to depend and who
will guide you.

You just wanted to start it as a hobby or as a part time
business or yet as a full time income generating big time
business or whatever way you think.

Can you get it delivered? It is possible in


Some people say you start with affiliate marketing; some
says you need to have a product. Some say you can do it
all alone or they did it all alone. Which one to believe?

Some goes further to say that there is everything in PLR
and it is just churning them round, you get to number
one in Google and you are sold. Which one to believe?

Someone else told you to not to have anything and just
start earning from face book. Is it possible?

You expect result and pay a few dollars for the lessons.
Later you understand you are no where and totally confused.

You expect thousands of people just waiting for you or in
internet terms – tons of traffic just pouring in and you
sell affiliate products or adwords and make huge money.
But it does not happen.

Imagine people standing in long ques to buy products from
you like they are there to buy the newly released iPhone 6.
Will it happen?

It is ok to imagine such things and wish you could make
money online so fast.

In reality it is not possible to make money from internet
in one go just like that. You may make a few bucks here
and there but a constant stream of income does take a lot
of practice and perfection and a proper guidance.

Just making trial and error make you waste your valuable
time and petty little money. Instead of learning you end
up in confusion.

Always begin with a strong footing. Learn the skill from
someone matured and guiding you properly, genuinely,
sincerely and can take you where you want to. That should
be your first decision and your faith and trust in him
can take you a long way.

Whatever you do to market in internet, you need to have a
good list. Without list you will not sell; and you fail.
You waste your time and money when there is no list built.

For list making you need to have a proven method of
attracting customers. Good blog and blogging can make you
attract a lot of traffic but unless you know or you
recognize the real technique of making them fall in your
funnel, you will not make any real progress. Properly
designed “Squeeze page” or “landing page” makes them.

The importance of list in internet marketing like any
other business cannot be underestimated.

Learn how to make a squeeze page from scratch. Know how
to create your own website or just have a website created
for you. Learn how to make your big list and prosper in
internet marketing. We help you do that.

Sales Funnel


Sales funnel is a tool for optimizing sales.

Internet marketing (IM) uses the innovative method of attracting customers in
simple way by alluring them with a irresistible offer, often free to make them
fall in the sales funnel.

sales funnel

It is a sales technique like offering a gift when you buy a product.
A push to make an urge in the hunter is a necessity.

Perhaps all human beings on earth fall prey to offers, gifts, play,
music, games, thrills, gossips and stuff like that. Each individual
taste vary but there is lot of common interest that you can find.

Getting something free make people happy irrespective of the fact that
paid things are far better. I don’t deny that there is a good section
of reserved people who doesn’t look at free offers and ignore the offer.
They are really losing what the free takers do gain.

The secret behind free offer grabbing is not that the person wants to
have everything free. He or she in turn wants to find out the cream in
the stuff the person is offering. If there is something in the free
offer that is of worth, he doenot mind paying for a worthwhile product.

The intention of the internet marketer is nothing but the same.

The internet marketer leads the customer to different stages of offer
almost like that in the brick and mortar business.
When a customer is not finding what exactly he is looking for different
products of the same category are offered to the customer and that too
at different price ranges from higher price to lower price.

The customer can pick up any of the products.

The method of attracting customers to what the owner has to offer is
the sales funnel and the sales funnel directly takes the customer
direct to where the seller wants to.

Even when he just get out of the site, he is offered something irresistible
and the customer ultimately buy something. Even if he is not, he is given
an e-book or some free training by which he feels happy to have been there.

If information is what the customer is looking for, well it is up to the
customer what kind of information suits him best.
Here is a video by Kevin, a successful internet marketer on how to set
the sales funnel:

When you ask for an Optin it is decent to give something free in return.
The optin asks the customer his name and email id and it does need the
creation of a trust. The free offer do give this trust.

In the next posting I shall be giving more on the optin and how to make an
optin page very easy for your internet marketing (IM) efforts.

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Why Internet Marketing ?

Internet marketing is all about marketing products thus making money online.

It is a huge field and there are thousands of opportunities to make money online by the use of available resources, use of your own unique skill, talking and selling what others are looking for.

Internet marketing uses the highest possible leverage. Unlike
traditional business, it needs less investment to earn a large profit.

Anyone can start an internet business sitting in the comfort of
home and can use the world as the selling market.

Another greatest advantage is it can be auto piloted and can operate 24 hrs a day without wasting a single moment!

internet marketing

Don’t get into the assumption that it is quick money either!

Like any other business it needs lots of persuation and persistence. It is not a get rich quick business.

But any one who learns the techniques and tactics can make lots of money. There is no doubt about it. so now you know why millions of people come to internet marketing every day and also vanish in no time.

What to market?

Internet is a platform anyone can use to market their product or others product – physical or digital. It is one of the best and cheapest communication and advertising media that can be found in this intelligent age.

Every individual has immense knowledge and information as well as specific skills that another may not have. Everyone is unique and looks for solving a specific challenge. Internet is a media that one can use to provide such information or get such information and is sought after by millions of people all around the world for fast resource.

IM is a handy resource at the tip of your finger.

The bad thing about internet marketing is that it is not for all. Only
3% of the world population is said to be internet literate.

As the face book usage has grown to 2 billion people now, we can
say more and more people are seeking to know about online
marketing may be due to social compulsion.  Online buying and transaction is also making people update.

But Face book is only a social media where only a micro percentage
of internet marketing is utilized. Most of the people use face book
just for chatting and posting photos where as it is a resource
internet marketers use for viral marketing of any products they
want to sell.

Internet facilities are used more and more day by day by one and
all. This shows that the growth of internet market will never end but
on the other hand it is going to have a faster growth in the years
to come.

It is most essential for individuals to know more on internet
marketing and the tools used to make life much more pleasant,
easy and wealthier, if not lead the life of an infopreneur.

Anyone can learn internet marketing – age, sex, country and
community are no bar for making money from internet.


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Secret to internet marketer’s wealth

Internet marketing aims for passive income.


All the tools and efforts are in bringing as much money as possible on the table by leverage.

Here are few videos that might help you in making it with the minimum effort and that too by a proven internet enthusiast.

Check the videos down here.

1. How to make money online

2. Affiliate marketing secrets

3. Secret to internet marketer’s wealth

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IM and Social Media Marketing

Social media is part of internet marketing business.

This is the era of social media and so is the marketing focused on this platform. While thousands of social media are flocking on the internet, the predominant ones like face book, LinkedIn, Pintrest and Twitter lead the way.

Public as social gathering

Public as social gathering

What are the advantages of social media marketing and how is it done?

There are pretty big advantages in social media marketing.
First of all it is the place where people sit and get engaged. This is the place where your business can grow and flourish.

Social media does it with less of expenses and more successfully than ever.
Social media marketing is effectively viral and referral compared to traditional methods.

Time and expertise

Consistency with time and expertise is the crux of social media marketing success.
Online marketing becoming more and more popular, traditional markeitng are slowly getting outdated with less and less readership.

Link to social media marketing: http://www.fastcompany.com/1761504/how-make-youtube-part-your-social-media-marketing

The 5 fundamental principles of social media marketing that one should know can be classified as:

1. Showing the presence:

By registering your brand, logo, pictures and writing. A blog or interactive website goes a long way in social media marketing than the traditional marketing.

2. Give what people search for:

The presence of a company is often branded on the keywords people look for. The global business platform with the social media marketing emergence is identified with the keywords and that is the search criteria.

The search engines are tuned to listen to keywords and that stamps the branding in most of the cases.

3. Social media is reciprocating type:

Engaging and connecting most of the time it craves for social presence. Activities buzzle all the time and constant effort promoting your presence is one that is essential there.

It is helping and providing solutions with no return expected attitude.

4. Promotion tools:

In order to keep people engaged and entertained, there need deals,
promotions as essential part . Surveys and games make them more
interactive and engaged.

5. Worth listening:

People look for value or for what is worth the listening. So it is essential you prove your worth. The more your presence and helping attitude, the more support you get in social media.

You can learn ABC of internet marketing by just going to http://imcoachdesk.com and registering there for a free one week coaching class.

IM Coach Desk

IM Coaching for Newbies

Internet Marketing For Newbies

Internet Marketing Coach

www.imcoachdesk.com is conceived for giving personal coaching on internet marketing to newbies.

It is an accepted fact that coaching, specially personal coaching for an individual improves the performance and make one more responsible. So any serious entrepreneur need to consider personal coaching for creating a real drive and motivation in achieving the goal faster.

If you really want to make money online,  there are several opportunities.

You might be someone looking for a part time earning, seeking an extra income to your main source.

You may be someone who wants to start learning about internet marketing and see the potential.

You may be a house wife, having plenty of time and make use of it fruitfully

You may be a retired person who wants to  spend your time for better purpose.

Whoever you may be, you can learn internet marketing and make money if you are consistent and can focus on your goal.

Where to begin is the greatest challenge one faces when entering internet marketing. 

We will show you.

Just Enter Your Name and
Email id below:

We will let you know what exactly to be done for learning internet marketing.

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